Monday, January 25, 2010

I'm a Teacher!


Today I had my first full day where I was the teacher. Gina had something she had to take care of so it was all me. At first I was a little intimidated, but it didn’t take long for me to get in my groove and start to love what I was doing. When I came here I was asking God if teaching could be a potential career of mine. My mother is a teacher and a darn good one. I have always loved the idea of educating people. I want to teach people how to fish so that they don’t starve to death. That is how I view my work here in Kazakhstan. When these people learn English new opportunities are going to fly in and they will be able to be more successful. I’m not doing the typical mission work. I’m not a Wycliffe translator in New Guinea or an orphanage worker in India or a nurse in South America, nope; I’m just an English teacher planting tiny little seeds. Instead of preaching with my mouth I am now learning to preach with the glow of the Spirit that shines around me. This is, after all, how I think God would rather have it. When we open our mouths, whether we’re with a group of friends or standing behind a pulpit, a whole lot of nonsense tends to fly out. Sure there are some good inspiring words somewhere in there, but I think God smiles a lot more when we keep our mouths shut and let Him do the talking. I’m teaching English, I’m learning silence.

Also, today I finally finished unpacking!

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