Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My loves—Coffee, Language, and the Internet


As the excitement of the newness dies down, I am finding it a bit difficult to write tonight. I am starting to really get into my role as a teacher and love it more every day. Sure, during the day I don’t look forward to work, but every night I come home energized and accomplished. However, today was an excellent day because we finally got internet in our apartment so now I can actually communicate with everyone back home. I’m a bit worried that all of my reading time, writing time, and thinking time will go down the drain now that we have internet, but I am going to discipline myself. I didn’t go half way around the world to get more of the same. I came here to experience life in a completely different way. My boss came over today so she could talk to the cable guys in Russian and she politely whispered to me and asked if I could make her some coffee, some real Starbucks coffee. I just smiled. Any woman that wants to sit down and discuss language with me over a cup of coffee is a woman after my own heart. So, nothing too exciting happened today, other than the arrival of our internet. I’m tired, I have to wake up early, and everyone has been complaining that my blogs are too long. So I’ll keep this one short, just for you.

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