Monday, May 24, 2010

Falling Water


I haven’t blogged in forever. I don’t know what is wrong with me, but some resistance has built up in me and I’ve had no motivation to spend time with these keys, or these blank pages. I’m finally forcing myself to write, it doesn’t matter what it says, I just have to get back into the habit. Because I lack motivation when I cannpt post anything

I woke up this morning to large, furious rain drops pounding against my window. It is kind of depressing to get out of bed and stare into a grey sky, but I got out of bed anyways and I am allowing my mind to be penetrated by these raindrops. I am allowing their pattering sound to clear my thoughts.

On Sunday, we went to the mountains. We woke up early, met at the bus stop and headed toward Medeo, which is a place we’ve been several times, but from Medeo we hiked to Budakovka. It was quite a hike and an avalanche had covered the warm, blossoming mountains with fresh piles of icy snow. Needless to say, my feet were wet. By the time we reached Butakovka everyone was tired and we had lunch. We traveled with a huge group, almost 10 people. When we were through with lunch half the group broke off and traveled down the mountain. The other half of us went up to find a waterfall. Nazira and Emir joined us as well as Orken and 2 other students from AELC (the center that the girls work at). We followed the stream and of course, my feet got soaked as I helped Emir jump from rock to rock. We finally made it to the waterfall and it was incredible! It wasn’t a huge waterfall, but it was a good size. None of us could help playing around in the water and it wasn’t long before I was completely drenched. We filled up our water bottles and then laid out on rocks trying to dry off in the warm sun. I found a nice solitary place with a rock and I closed my eyes, soaked in the warm rays, and listened to the water crash against the ground beneath. Once we realized that it was getting late we headed down. We missed the bus so we had to keep walking down the mountain trying to get to the next bus stop within the city. Emir (who is about 6) got really tired like a little child would after hiking 10 hours and so I had to carry him much of the way down. We ended up walking quickly through the dark windy mountain roads trying to get to the city. Surprisingly we found a bus and got home long after 10. It was 14 hours from when we left the house to the time we got back to the house. Over 11 of those hours we were moving, up hills, down hills, through streams, across rigged, rocky slopes. It was an incredible day. When I got home I thawed out in the shower, still very wet and now cold, and as the hot water hit my body I was suddenly aware of all the cuts, scrapes, scratches, and sunburns that my body had acquired throughout the day. Reaching that waterfall was like a little slice of heaven. I will never forget that day.

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