Wednesday, April 21, 2010

His Precious Princess


As I’ve said before, while in Kazakhstan I’ve been trying to figure out some big important things in my life. One of those things is romantic relationships. I was reading a book today called, “When God Writes Your Love Story” by Eric and Leslie Ludy. It’s a good book, sometimes a little too sappy for my taste, but full of great reminders nonetheless. In the book they write about a wedding they attended and how they imagined Jesus standing there proudly, applauding with tears in His eyes for His “precious princess.” I felt a flood of emotion come over me as I pondered those two words; God’s “precious princess”. My mind went back to some relationships I’ve had in the past and I couldn’t recall ever treating a girl like the princess of the God of the universe.

My brother always jokes that if he has a daughter he is going to be a terror to any boys that try to woo her. As men, we know the filth of men. So his plan is one that we envision of crazy rednecks; sitting on his recliner in his boxers cleaning his shotgun. He will grunt as he asks the nervous boy what time he plans to have his daughter home. As the young man, with sweaty palms responds, “umm...10:00 sir.” He will cock his freshly cleaned shotgun and correct the foolish boy. “How about 9:30.”

Meeting the parents of your new or prospective girlfriend is always difficult. You desperately want their approval and you also want to know that you can get along with them. If you really want to be a gentleman then you will go ask the girl’s parents for permission to “court” her. This in itself can be horribly humiliating; trust me! But, today I was struck with awe. Someday when I finally meet that beauty; the incredible girl that I choose to spend the rest of my life with, I will not just be proposing to the daughter of great (or not so great) parents, but I will be proposing to a daughter of God. Sure, this may not be an uncommon thought, but it hit me today with full force. When you are with a girl, you want to honor her (at least you better!). You want to honor her parents by having her back on time and keeping your respect in their eyes. I’ve been in relationships and I’ll admit there were times when I didn’t have her home on time. There were times when honor slipped through the cracks, and I now realize why. I wasn’t viewing her in all the glory and splendor she deserved. Had I been fully convicted that this was God’s precious princess, I would never have even had the thought of taking her home late. I would have had her in the door at the proper time, with the proper greeting and farewell to her parents. I would have worked harder to make our time together more special and I would have treated her like she deserves; a precious princess of the Most High. My fellow men: we have precious princesses of the King of Kings all around us. Treat them as their glory calls for. Remember who their Daddy is.

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