Saturday, March 20, 2010 Worship


My blogs lately have been scarce. I apologize, but the website you’re looking at right now only works part time here in Kazakhstan. I think it has something to do with my internet provider and some firewall or whatever. It is too complex for me. So you can be sure that I will be checking my access often and posting whatever back-up blogs I have when I have the chance.

In my last blog, I told you that it had been a crazy week, and a crazy week it really has been. When one thing goes wrong, everything else in the world must figure that it should go wrong as well. Yet, although things went wrong, it seems as though everything is going to be ok. Like there is some Great Manager taking care of these problems one by one. I’m thankful.

Yesterday Steven and I made another journey to Baraholca (see previous entry about Baraholca for more information) with the girls. The market/city is so large that even though you spend hours there, you feel as though you’ve seen nothing. We were pressed for time, so we’ll be going back shortly. We had a blast though. It had been awhile since I’ve been shopping with girls. It requires patience. Haha, but it was fun. The surprising thing was that Steven was buying stuff. I only bought a pair of sunglasses for like 3 bucks, but Steven bought a whole jumpsuit (I’ll let him explain that one) and ski pants and other stuff I’m not even sure about. Normally, he never spends money and I’m the one squandering. It was a fun day.

Church is back on for today. We have not had a formal church service in two weeks because we have been under the watch of a government inspector. Religious freedom is something we hardly even give second thought to in America. Even here in Kazakhstan, we are very free religiously compared to all the other “Stan” countries. Our Christian neighbors like Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan are under high levels of persecution. Here in Kazakhstan, it is hardly a problem, but the threat is real. Not everyone is free to worship how they please. These countries, once under the leadership of the Athiest Soviet Union, had their temples and mosques turned into Darwin-adoring museums and gift shops. Now that the local people are beckoned back to their traditional religion, Islam, things are not looking good for the Christians—especially protestants. So, say a prayer right now and thank God that you are not being punished for your faith. Remember your brothers who are having to fight to give praises to their God and meet with fellow believers. Religious persecution is real in this world. I hope Americans will enjoy this freedom for as long as time lasts. But, if it doesn’t, are you ready? Jesus is coming.

Just a few days ago one of my beautiful grandmothers celebrated her birthday. I was fortunate enough to talk with her, but I wish I could have been there with her. Today my other beautiful grandmother is celebrating her birthday. She has her daughters celebrating with her and much of my family is in the beautiful city of Redding enjoying each other’s company. I must say—I’m jealous. Today, I wish I could be with them. But, for now I must finish my work here. Time is flying by—I don’t want to miss out on the present moment. I’m tired of trying to live in the future.

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  1. And we wish you were here with us celebrating Gma's birthday too. We miss you pooh. The donut shop is just not the same without you! Can't wait to be together. It was great talking to you yesterday! Be safe. LOVE you LOTS!! Love, Auntie