Wednesday, March 3, 2010

So Many Shoes, So Little Time


Wednesday. I actually had to work today. Rather hard, but it all seems like it went by so fast. I got up early and cooked and cleaned like the good wife I am. We had the girls over so that was the reason for my early awakening. I made some stir-fry again. It turned out pretty good. Once they left, I started making my exams. Granted I had prepared a review sheet for my students so I knew exactly what I was going to put on the test, but making the test took time. Too much time in fact. I miscalculated and had to stay behind while Steven went for discussion. He had to do that yesterday too. I finally finished around 5 and had to run to the center to make my 5:30 class. Of course, the printer wasn’t working well so I ended up being like 10 minutes late to my class. I told them it was a good thing because they had extra time to study for their exams. Aren’t I such a nice guy?

I realized while I was making these tests that I don’t think about the fact that my students are students. I realize that sounds dumb, but let me explain. I’m student—at least technically. I am taking a semester off to serve here—we all know this by now. But, you know when you are in college and you get angry at your professors. You have thoughts like, “Doesn’t he realize I have a life outside of his class!” or “Doesn’t she remember when she was a student!” I remember having thoughts like this because these thoughts were in my head less than3 months ago. So I realized that even though I am only a few months out of being a student, I have stopped thinking like a student and have taken on the teacher role. I assign homework without putting myself in my students shoes and I give them 6 page final exams like it’s no big deal. After all, the English test is easy for me—a native speaker. So I realize that I need to not be so tough on my professors back at school. Of course they’ve forgotten what it means to be a student! I’ve forgotten after 3 months, those thoughts must be long gone in their minds!

Of course, I realize that I don’t just fail at this in my classroom, but also in the great classroom of life. If we all took the time to put ourselves in other people’s shoes, to feel other people’s feelings, to take a few steps in their life, this world would be a much better place. If we put down our own agendas, stopped worrying about our own reputations, and started to really empathize with those around us could you imagine the impact that it would have on this world? I’m pretty sure the earth would just go ahead and start spinning the other direction. There would be a lot less pain and a lot more smiles. Like I said, I’m terrible at this, but like everyone else, I want to see everyone else do something. This concept reminds me of the Golden Rule and somebody’s life. I think His name was Jesus.

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