Monday, April 19, 2010

Crossing the Bridge


I stood at the edge of the long, tattered rope bridge. I have always hated bridges, and this was perhaps the most frightening one I had ever seen. As I put my foot on the first plank, I prayed anxiously, “God! Give me a sign, something to assure me that you’re right here with me!” All of a sudden a beautiful white dove flew out of the forest on the other end and soared gracefully through the sky above me. My confidence was boosted and I was ready to conquer my fears. I took a few steps forward until my foot slipped and I fell to one knee. The bridge swayed violently from side to side. “God! I can’t do this. Help me! Give me some indication that I’m going to make it to the other side!” Another dove soared high above me, but I kept praying, “Lord, I need to know you’re with me.” Suddenly three doves came out of nowhere and fluttered around me, seemingly helping me to my feet. I now knew without a doubt that God was on my side and that I would get safely across. I took several bold steps and even though the bridge shook beneath me I remained confident. When I got past half way one of the boards completely gave way and my leg fell through. The splintered wood cut my skin and I dangled there hopelessly. My face was forced downward and I noticed for the first time the raging waters beneath me. If I fell, it would be certain death. “God. You have abandoned me. I need you. I know this is the bridge that I was supposed to cross, but I’m going to die. I cannot move on unless you give me a sign and assure me that you are with me.” The plank in front of me started to jiggle and I noticed writing starting to appear. It said, “I promised that I would always be with you. I told you I love you, I have sent you signs, but signs will never be good enough. You have to learn to trust me.” Humbled by the Lord, I managed to lift my leg from the broken plank and I began to crawl towards the nearing end. Tears were dripping down my face as I pushed my body further and further. I could hear the rope stretching and as I made another push the rope on one side completely snapped. The bridge shook violently and teetered to one side. I held on for my life, knowing that I would never make it, even though the end of the bridge was right before me. “Thank you Lord, for bringing me here to die!” I screamed bitterly. “I just wanted to know that you were with me, that you hadn’t abandoned me, but I see it clearly now.” I gazed up and noticed a man walking out of the forest glowing with a brightness that I had never before seen. He walked over to the edge, knelt down and reached out His hand. “I have always been with you, I gave you the signs you asked for and they have proved meaningless. Even now, I am appearing to you in physical form and this will not be enough. Take my hand.” I wept bitterly as I hung in the air, grasping the rope and the planks. “No!” I told Him. “How do I know you’re not going to drop me? How do I know that you’re strong enough to lift me?” Tears streamed down my face and joined the raging waters beneath me. “You know who I am. You know that I’m strong enough. You are about to die, take my hand!” “Prove it!” I howled. “Prove to me that you are strong enough.” The man’s eyes filled with tears. “It won’t help. There is nothing I can do to prove my strength to you. You have to trust me. Remember the doves, the writing, I am here. Please, take my hand so that we can get away from this mess.” I stared at His shining hand that was stretched out toward me and could hear the rope stretching on the other end. I was running out of time. I would have grabbed His hand, but He wouldn’t show me He was strong enough. Tears streamed down His face as the rope snapped. I clung to the plank and fell to the crashing waters beneath.

Signs will never be enough. Audible voices, prophetic dreams, writing in the sky will not build our faith; it will only make us dependent on things we can always rule out as coincidences. We must learn to trust Him. I am tempted to pray for signs, to pray for assurance, but Jesus said, “Blessed are those who believe without seeing.” Signs will never be enough.

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  1. Two great blogs in a row. An amazing image of God, and a more vivid insight to who we are...people who are weak, but who are loved by their creator in spite of it all!