Monday, April 12, 2010

Good Mornings


Every morning, or afternoon, depending on what time I went to bed, I drag myself into the kitchen, flip the switch for the electric kettle and sit staring out the window into the old Soviet courtyard entrapped by apartment building. Every morning is different. It used to be a regular thing to sit there and watch the branches of the trees bow with the stress of inch upon inch of snow. I have seen those cold, dry branches dripping with Almaty showers, and I have seen those trees stand tall in the bright sun of the approaching Spring. This morning was different. I went to the window and the normally dry, brown branches were standing tall with little green buds all over them. Spring is no longer lingering, or approaching, Spring is here. While I am going to miss the snow I am excited to hike in the mountains with all the tall grass and the freshly blossomed flowers.

As the electric kettle fires to a boil and automatically shuts itself off, I pour the steaming water into a cup and mix my coffee. I usually sit there for a couple more minutes, just staring out the window, thinking about all there is under the sun. Once the coffee has cooled down enough to drink I take a sip and dig into one of the four books I am in the middle of. I usually read until the coffee is done or until I get hungry and then I start making oatmeal. I cherish my mornings here in this country. They are my tranquil times where I can just sit, stare out the window, read a good book, and just think. Think as I sip some delicious American coffee.

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