Monday, April 12, 2010



I love pictures. I have many frames filled with family members and friends all smiling at me reminding me that people love me and that life is worth living. On top of that I have a little slideshow gadget on my desktop that filters through all the pictures on my computer. Before I left for Kazakhstan, my mom bought me an electronic keychain picture frame that stirs through a little slideshow of pictures. Every day I find myself gazing at more than one picture for an extended period of time. Every time we look at a picture, emotions stir, and some sort of response is evoked. Think about it, when is the last time you looked at a picture and felt nothing. Even when I am shopping for frames I look at the display pictures and feel something. Pictures bring out what is inside of us. When I see pictures of my smiling family I smile, because I have been blessed with a wonderful family. However, when somebody else sees a picture of their family it might bring them a lot of pain depending on the circumstances they’ve gone through. I get lost in some pictures, remembering great memories. Other pictures I stare longingly at, wanting something that I can no longer have. Pictures cause me to rejoice in the love this world has to offer and they also cause tears to well up as I wish for brighter days. Try going through some old photographs. Embrace the emotions that they bring out of you.

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