Thursday, February 25, 2010

Kneeling, Standing, Hugging, Dancing


Money. Finally got paid. We went to the bazaar today and we’re planning a spree at the supermarket tomorrow. We’ll finally be able to stock up on groceries and get more decent stuff. At the bazaar today I went to go get juice from a vendor that we have seen a couple times. As we walked up the big man recognized us and the lady began to laugh. “Sok?” (Juice) she asked. I laughed with her and said “Pajalousta” (Please). It is nice that I am starting to see familiar faces and become a regular. The people here are very friendly. I notice myself getting very comfortable with this country. My Russian is slowly (very slowly) getting better and I am even beginning to cross the street like the locals. Life is good.

My class today was a hoot. I tried to go through the lesson, but everyone was wound up, including me, and we just kept talking, and they kept teaching me Russian. Eventually I just busted out a jeopardy game in preparation for their midterm next week. That, with video class, was just too much fun. My private tutee canceled on me again, I hope he comes back.

Anyways, my thoughts are fairly quiet tonight. A rare occasion that I have learned to appreciate. Since I don’t believe in short blogs (hehe) I will leave you with something I wrote this morning. I was pondering Psalm 23 and decided to rewrite it in my own words, paraphrased it according to what it means to me, and expounded on what I believe to be the main points:

He said that He is my Shepherd.
That I don’t have to live in desire, because He is more than anything I could ever want.
He not only leads me to quiet, serene landscapes,
but He makes me lie down and take in His splendor.
His restoration swallows my soul and reminds me that I am His.
He leads me to goodness, to spread His love, because love like this should not be caged.
It should rage with more power than the greatest fire, it should rage, burn, and shine—all for Him.
I am not afraid. How could I be?
Perfect Love, which stands beside me, casts fear back to the shadows.
His strong arms, His power, His support hold me up and help me to stand in the midst of chaos.
He helps me to love my enemies, to be comfortable in their presence.
He lets us eat together, at a fine table, with the finest food.
He kisses my face and showers me with more good things than I can carry.
His grace sweeps me off my feet, and with His Spirit I dance in praise.
This mercy, this grace and goodness, this love, will never leave.
He will pursue me, like a man pursues the woman He loves.
He will chase me, as one chases after their beloved.
When I am old, dying on my deathbed, His grace will still cover me.
His love will still surround me.
And when my time here is up, when the suffering comes to a close, I will go to Him.
I will live with Him, in Him, and through Him for as long as existence exits.
So why do I resist His love? Why do I fail to embrace its power?
Why do I worry? Why do I let myself fall into a state of panic?
Why do I let this world hold me in chains? Why do I allow it to steal my peace?
Today is the day. I will know my Creator.
I will embrace the love of my Savior.
I will kneel before my King, stand before my Father, hug my Savior, and dance with His Spirit.
Today is the day.
I have fallen in love with the unseen, because the unseen first fell in love with me.
The world cannot stop this dance, it cannot stop this embrace, this reverent passion.
The world cannot stop love, because the weight of Love could crush this world with ease.
This world—although it sometimes presses hard upon our shoulders—is not heavy.
The love that is entrenched in my soul is heavy.
With this love, I will prevail.
Today is the day.

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