Saturday, February 13, 2010

Testify to Love


Another Sabbath, another week gone by. Today was a good day. I got to talk to a few good people in the morning via Skype. Then we got ready for church and took off. Yelena had asked me last week to share my testimony. To tell the church how I had come to know Jesus and what not. I was also supposed to be in charge of Sabbath school. When we got to church Yelena told us that the preacher who was scheduled to come preach would not be here. She asked us if anyone could prepare a message in the short time we had before the service. I told her that I was already giving my testimony and that I have some sermons memorized so I could. Burnie also said he could and because both of us didn’t really care either way, we fumbled over it for a few minutes until it was decided that I would preach and Burnie would take next week. So I got in front of the church today, talked about my experience with God and then gave a short message on my favorite passage, John 15:9-12. I talked about the incredible love Jesus has for us, how to remain in that amazing love, and how He commanded us to love each other with the heaven’s love. I’ve talked about that passage in numerous sermons and have given numerous Bible studies on it, but still, every time I talk about it I am newly amazed at God. I think I needed this today, I think I needed to share my testimony and be reminded of how God has worked in my life. It was good for me and where I am at right now.

Everyone had stuff going on tonight so the rest of the night Steven and I spent at our apartment being lazy. I cooked up some stir fry with corn (If you think that’s weird Steven made what I call Bean Burrito Spaghetti for lunch which actually turned out to be quite good, it was made up of beans, cheese, and spaghetti). After that we planned to watch Lord of the Rings 2, but we had problems so we watched House and the internet gave us more problems and irritated me. But, after sitting on my rear for a couple hours, eating some good food and even having ice cream, I feel good.

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