Sunday, February 7, 2010

Relax and Enjoy Your Running Water


Do you ever get in bed at the end of the day and take a sigh of relief exclaiming that you had a great day even though nothing particularly special happened to make the day “great”? That’s what I’m doing right now. Today was a great day. We had made plans to go to Kok Tubye which is a big hill from where you can see the entire city and atop this hill is a giant tv/radio tower that is like a little skyscraper that you can go up into and apparently get an even better view. Sounds like a blast, right? Well, we ended up having the girls over and just watching Lord of the Rings instead. I graded a few papers, went to the supermarket and did a load of laundry so it wasn’t a completely unproductive day, but it sure was quiet and relaxing. It’s nice to do “nothing” sometimes, even though we can never do nothing, you know what I mean. I got to talk with many special people today, including my parents, so it was a good day. It was also a good day because I got to watch some good ol’ American TV shows and catch up on The Office. It was a lazy day and even though I haven’t been working hard enough to deserve one of those, it was sure nice. It was nice to put the deep thoughts on hold, to shut up the worries and to just be entertained and enjoy some company.

Tomorrow we are not going to have any water from 9:00am until we get home from work. I was thinking, what exactly do we use water for? I wanted to be able to make some arrangements. As I thought about this question I realized that I use water for washing my hands, taking a shower, flushing the toilet, drinking, making tea and coffee to drink, cooking, washing dishes, and I could go on. The point is that without water, things are going to get dirty. If we go without water long enough, things will get very dirty, and if there was no other way to get water, we would die of thirst. Water cleanses. It cleanses the insides of our bodies and the outsides. It cleanses our dishes and our clothes. Without water things would just be gross. Imagine not being able to flush your toilet for a few days. Yuck. Jesus said He was the water of life. Jesus cleanses, inside and out. So go ahead, flush the toilet of your heart, get rid of that junk and just be clean. Take a shower in His grace and scrub in His forgiveness. There’s a lot to see in this world and a lot to do, but take a lazy day and enjoy your running water. Enjoy the living water that runs through your spiritual veins. Enjoy the fact that God is big enough to be personal.

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