Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Man Shall Not Live By Bread Alone


For all of those who have been faithfully following my blog, you know that today my greatest desire was to sleep in. My desires were given to me and I slept like a baby until 11:00. But, now I am staying up way too late again and tomorrow I will actually have to wake up early so that we can attempt to have our laundry machine fixed for the 3rd time and have the girls over for lunch. Yelena will call and I will have to wake up. It’s tragic, but I guess real life requires an alarm clock.

So by the time I post this you should see pictures! The reason I am staying up so late is so that I can organize pictures and post them just for you. For this reason I will keep my post short today. (If you haven’t noticed yet, short is a relative term for me). Look on the sidebar and hopefully you will see a nice slide show of pictures!

Jesus once uttered a phrase that went something like this, “Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God.” He said this in response to a temptation from the devil. If these blogs aren’t long enough for you and you want to watch some sermons then knock yourself out (Idiom!) ( I preached a sermon on the temptations of Jesus once. I thought I would advertise it. Anyways, I mentioned this phrase because Steven and I went back to the glorious supermarket I told you about earlier. We went for a few things, but mainly for the baguettes! As we arrived and rushed to the bakery section we found ourselves highly disappointed at the absence of any fresh, cheap baguettes. So we lousily moped around the store picking up other items when suddenly it hit me, that heavenly smell of something warm and delicious being pulled from a hot oven. So we went back to the bakery and sure enough, baguettes! Steven and I decided we’d better stock up, so we bought 9 of them plus some regular bread and some amazing looking cheese bread. Mind you that these baguettes are 19 tenge (pronounced ten-gay) each. Seeing that the exchange rate is currently 148:1 that is 13 cents. At those prices why wouldn’t you buy 9 baguettes? So we left the store feeling happy and accomplished. Steven and I discussed Jesus’ famous words and decided that if we read our Bibles it would be ok to just eat bread for awhile.

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