Saturday, February 20, 2010

Reach for the Moon!


My mind needs a break. I have found out that I am a compulsive planner to the point where it plagues me like a severe addiction. I like to plan, especially the details. I want to write, but I feel as though I have drowned my creativity in compulsivity. I think Jesus laughs at me a lot of the time. Like seriously laughs as He watches me try to plan things that are far beyond my control and so out of reach. He laughs not out of mockery and insult, but rather at the comical situation of a human trying to be God. It is so impossible that the attempt is just funny. It’s like a 5 year old telling you he can reach the moon and extending his arm towards the sky. As you watched the little boy stretching his arm out and grunting from failed efforts you would probably let out a little chuckle as you try to tell him that he may not be able to physically reach the moon. Jesus is trying to put my arms down and tell me it’s ok and that I can dream big, but I don’t need to physically touch the moon right now. He is trying to remind me that I only need to love people in the present moment and He will take care of the big picture stuff.

It’s Sabbath and I should be in my Hiding Place spending time with God, but I’m struggling. Friday club was good, we talked about the truth. It got very philosophical and I felt bad for my students as they tried to not only think deeply, but think deeply in English rather than their native tongue.

Since my brain is lost in the next few years of my complicated young adult life, I will keep my words brief tonight and try to get where I should be. Life is good, God is good. Let’s all try to live more in the here and now, genuinely and intensely loving those nearest us. Let’s all try to get our minds out of the future, away from the past, and reunited with our present and physical bodies. Jesus said not worry; He said that God is big enough to handle the big picture. I’m going to go try and convert the beautiful words of Matthew 6 into reality. Care to join me?

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